Fit Start Program (Beginner Friendly)

Personalised 1-1 Coaching with VegFit Coach

👉🏻  Improve energy
👉🏻  Lose body fat & feel better
👉🏻  Achieve a fitter & stronger body
👉🏻  Reduce cravings & mood swings
👉🏻  Develop a sustainable lifestyle

Who should join this program?

✅ Looking to improve energy levels, lose weight, and get stronger?

✅ Eager to embark on a journey to physical fitness but uncertain about where to begin?

✅ Struggling to maintain a specific diet because you lack guidance on how it operates?

✅ Seeking professional guidance on managing a sustainable diet and workout regime?

✅ Wishing for guidance in effortlessly making positive changes to enhance your health?

3 Pillars of VegFit Coaching Programs


Diet & Supplements

Eating healthy isn't enough, including macros and micros in the right proportion is important to fuel your body, lose fat and build muscle

Strength & Muscle

Home/gym based full body workout aimed at building strength, mobility and stamina with long term goal of improving metabolic health



Tracking habits and progress keeps you motivated. VegFit coach will be your accountability partner to ensure you don't fall off the wagon.

What do you get in the Fit Start Coaching Program?

Introducing Fit Start, a 12-week program designed to enhance your health and well-being. Achieve specific and realistic results without disrupting your current routine or breaking the bank. Gain access to a dedicated team of female nutritionists who will not only provide you with a nutritious diet plan but also ensure that your meals are both healthy and delicious.

👍 A dedicated VegFit coach as your accountability partner 

👍 Customised Diet Plan which is flexible enough to be adjusted to your work schedule 

👍 Everyday Vitamin supplement guide

👍 20+ in-app home/gym workouts to choose from

👍 Habit tracker within the application

👍 Weekly call with the coach along with unlimited Whatsapp chat

🍎 Bonus: 50+ Healthy Recipes that literally take less than 20mins to prepare.

🍎 Bonus: A guide of Recommended everyday foods that I use in my kitchen

What Our Clients Have To Say​

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Real Transformations by VegFit

Sustainable results are slow but permanent

Pricing: Fit Start (Beginner)

Get Started with Your Fitness Journey

4 Weeks (Trial)


12 Weeks


24 Weeks


How does the program work

Step 1: Know your coach Schedule a discovery call to understand the program and how our coaches closely work with you to help you reach your goals. 

Step 2: Enrol the program Join the program that best suits you by making the payment. All our coaching programs offer 4-weeks pro-rata money back gurrantee.

Step 3: Onboarding Process Fill onboarding form and connect with your coach to discuss your current regime, goals and challenges.

Step 4: Get Started We take 3-5 working days to onboard you into our app providing diet and exercise routine. You get 2 days to prepare before the program starts. 

Money-Back guarantee

4 Weeks Pro-rata basis Money-Back guarantee
  • If program doesn't work for you, let us know and we will refund your program fee pro-rata basis. But we are confident it won't come to that. 🙂


Most frequent questions and answers
Our in-app workouts can be performed at home or gym. We will advice you to invest in small equipments for home workouts like resistance bands, few dumbbells etc.
Our programs focus on slow adaptation of diet and exercise, which aims at improving muscle mass and losing fat at a gradual pace. 
Extreme diets or workouts never work. And that’s why we help you slowly adapt to a lifestyle through which you will be able to consistently progress.
The onboarding process takes about 3-5 working days from the day you confirm on joining the program and make the payment. 

Not at all. We customise your plan based on your dietary preferences, vegetarian/non-vegetarian/Indian/Continental etc. 

We create a plan that you enjoy and can happily follow for rest of your life. We will just make certain changes in your diet to make it a well-balanced diet.

At VegFit, we promote eating a balanced diet, that are more sustainable. We do not push our mentees to follow a specific diet if they are not happy with it. 

If you like to follow a certain diet, we can certainly explore if that diet will be beneficial for your goals.

For the best results, we recommend exercising 3-4  days week for 30 minutes. You can modify the intensity of workouts by reducing or adding more number of sets to each exercise.

We work on getting sustainable results and do not look for shortcuts for quick results.
Within 1st few weeks, you will start seeing changes in your energy levels, workout stamina, relief in lifestyle related body pain. 
Weight loss or muscle gain take time and it will totally depend your commitment towards the program. We certainly will provide you with the support and tools you need to reach your results.

The program doesn’t offer a refund. Ask us questions via Whatsapp before deciding to go ahead with the program.

Most of our clients are working professionals and have extremely busy schedule. We try to keep our processes simple enough for them to follow through. 
Having said that, we only take clients who are sincere about their fitness goals, who trust our process and are open to learning.

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