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Get Lean,Fit & Strong

Elevate your life with 10X productivity, sky-high energy levels, and healthy habits that make you lean and strong

VegFit Personal Training Program Helps You Build a Sustainable Lifestyle

In today’s digital world, there is a lot of information available for you at your fingertip. You consume a lot of videos on weight loss, various diets like paleo/keto/low-carb, exercise to reduce weight, and exercise to gain muscles. 

But even with all that information, you feel stuck with your fitness progress or even if you make progress, it stagnates after some time. Do you know why?

The reason is – Overload of Information with no clear guidance

That’s where our 1-on-1 Personal Training Program will help you succeed. We help you develop a diet and a workout regime that you can sustainably maintain. Our focus is on getting you long-term results.

You get a customized diet and workout regime that is designed to match your lifestyle. We monitor your progress every week and guide you to progressively make changes in your lifestyle to reach your goals. 

Priyanka’s experience into managing her healthy lifestyle along with a demanding career incorporates, has helped her develop the framework to live a healthy lifestyle and that’s what she coaches her mentees.  

3 Pillars of VegFit Personal Training


A combination of strength training and cardio, aimed at building strength, mobility and stamina



Eating healthy isn't enough, including macros and micros in the right proportion is important to fuel your body, lose fat and build muscle



Tracking habits and progress keeps you motivated. I will be your accountability partner for you to ensure you don't fall of the wagon.

Is VegFit Personal Training Program Right For You?

Personal Training Program is for people who are ready to invest in their health and believe that a coach’s personal attention will help them make a leap.

▶︎ You work in a senior position or a startup and struggle to build a workout schedule for yourself – we create a quick workout routine that you can stick with.

▶︎ You have lost weight through other programs earlier but gained weight after the program because you could not stick with the aggressive diets or workout regime – we invest time in understanding your lifestyle and create a program accordingly

▶︎ You have a busy schedule and find it challenging to keep consistent with your diet – we slowly make changes in your diet that are non-intrusive. 

▶︎ You don’t want to just follow a diet blindly but are interested in understanding the fundamentals – we coach you with nutrition and correct your workout forms explaining to you the science behind 

▶︎ You value a long-term sustainable lifestyle over short-term weight loss – we favour habit stacking (ref. Atomic Habits) so that your progress is sustained 

▶︎ You want to enjoy the workout and ensure injury prevention – our carefully designed workout plan ensures that we slowly strengthen muscles to take the load, avoiding intense training.

What You Get Through VegFit Personal Training Program

🍲 Personalized nutrition and workout plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle (updated biweekly based on your progress)

🏋️‍♂️ Ongoing review of your exercise form to avoid any injuries and ensuring gradual progressive overload

🗓 Nutrition and habit tracker that is monitored closely by the coach to keep you accountable and stay on track

💬 Unlimited support – you can text your coach or dietitian anytime you have a question

🤙 Weekly progress check through video calls with the coach to assess your progress and answer all of your most pressing questions

🍎 Bonus: 50+ Healthy Recipes that literally take less than 20mins to prepare.

🍋 Bonus: A guide of Recommended everyday foods that I use in my kitchen

🍑 Bonus: Guide to eating healthy and exercise during travel

Meet your Coach, Priyanka

For 15+ years, Priyanka has worked in demanding jobs and continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Priyanka has developed a high ROI framework that makes building habits easier for busy professionals.

Priyanka’s goal is to enable working professionals with framework, tools and fundamentals to build a sustainable lifestyle, that aims at living a fulfilling life, FOREVER!

What Our Clients Have To Say

Real Transformations by VegFit

Sustainable results are slow but permanent

Choose Your Program

(Below pricing is only for people settled in India. Please enquire for price in your country)

Executive Holistic Health

24 Weeks Personal Training: Improve bio markers, gain muscle mass, lose fat, develop a fit lifestyle
  • Personalised Diet & Supplements Plan
  • Personalised Strength Training Plan
  • Improving Bio-Markers & Gut Health
  • Exercise Form Correction
  • Senior Coaches as Accountability Partners
  • Weekly Check-in & Habit Tracker

Premium Fat Loss

12 Weeks Personal Training: Lose fat, build strength and stamina with a balanced diet and strength training routine
  • Personalised Diet & Supplements Plan​
  • Gym/Home based Workout Focussed on Fat Loss
  • Exercise Form Correction
  • Senior Coached as Accountability Partners
  • Weeklt Check-in & Gabit Tracker

How It Works

Step 1 Book A Consultation Call with Priyanka: Fill out the application and schedule a no-pressure call with Priyanka to discuss your goals.

Step 2 Assess the program fitment during consultation call: Understand VegFit approach, ask questions and get all required info to make a decision

Step 3 Decide, pay and initiate onboarding process: Clarify doubts (if any) on Whatsapp before joining the program. Make a payment and proceed with the onboarding.



Most frequent questions and answers
It doesn’t matter whether you’re training at home or you have access to a gym. We will tailor your workout based on your preferences. We will advice you to invest in small equipments for home workouts like resistance bands, few dumbbells etc.
Extreme diets or workouts never work. And that’s why we help you slowly adapt to a lifestyle through which you will be able to consistently progress.
We also emphasise on tracking which increases the accountability factor and the chances of you achieving the desired outcome.
Take action today! Book a consultation call with Priyanka to explore the program.
As soon as you enroll, we will be sharing the onboarding process – filling an onboarding form and booking an onboarding call.
Based on the inputs from previous steps, we create a personalised diet and workout plan. This takes about 2-4 days. 
Your program duration starts the next day once the plan is delivered to you.

Not at all. We customise your plan based on your dietary preferences, vegetarian/non-vegetarian/Indian/Continental etc. 

We create a plan that you enjoy and can happily follow for rest of your life. We will just make certain changes in your diet to make it a well-balanced diet.

At VegFit, we promote eating a balanced diet, that are more sustainable. We do not push our mentees to follow a specific diet if they are not happy with it. 

If you like to follow a certain diet, we can certainly explore if that diet will be beneficial for your goals.

We can customize the session length to whatever time you can commit to training. However, for best results, we recommend doing at least 3-4 sessions per week for 30 minutes.

We work on getting sustainable results and do not look for shortcuts for quick results.
Within 1st few weeks, you will start seeing changes in your energy levels, workout stamina, relief in lifestyle related body pain. 
Weight loss or muscle gain take time and it will totally depend your commitment towards the program. We certainly will provide you with the support and tools you need to reach your results.
No. The consultation call is to explore the fitment.
We encourage you to signup for the program only when you trust us 100%.
If you have any follow-up questions after the consultation call, you can reach out to us on Whatsapp or email. 

We have full refund policy within 2 weeks of the program start. If the program is not working for you, just let us know and we will refund you the full amount, no questions asked.

Most of our clients are professionals in senior management roles and have extremely busy schedule. We try to keep our processes simple  enough for them to follow through. 
Having said that, we only take clients who are sincere about their fitness goals, who trust our process and are open to learning.

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