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Enabling busy executives to adopt fitness as a lifestyle, helping them attain elevated productivity, an improved quality of life and a slower ageing process.

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How I went from low energy, sluggish and depressed individual to a highly energetic and high-performing one

I am sure you have tried a lot of diet plans before to lose weight but in 80% of the cases, you regain the lost weight.

You put yourself through a tough phase of a restricted diet, but then gain the weight back as soon as you start eating your normal home food.

I have experienced that sinusoidal wave of weight loss and gain myself. It took me years to I realize that the only way to put a break to this is through a sustainable-healthy-lifestyle, and not following a ‘DIET’.

I lost 8 Kgs, but that was only the side affect of the lifestyle I developed. I gained a lot of strength, muscle mass, energy levels that make me thrive through the day. 

The benefits of a sustainable healthy lifestyle over a yo-yo diet plan – 

  1. No stress of gaining the lost weight
  2. Eat more, feel energetic and stay lean 
  3. Once healthy habits become part of your life, you don’t need a diet plan


I coach simple ways to eat healthily, exercise consistently, and live a more fulfilling life. If you are someone who juggles a lot of responsibility and has a busy work schedule, you will find my 80-20 rule of managing a lifestyle easy.

I don’t just provide a diet and workout plan, I coach to develop a lifestyle that helps me stay fit, strong and lean all-year-long. If this resonates with you, apply for the personal training program. 

Online Coaching Programs Focussed for Senior Executived & Leaders

VegFit Personal Training Program

Transform your body into a high-performance powerhouse that burns fat more efficiently.

For ages, people have been eating less to lose weight. That works, but only for a short period, until your metabolism slows down, your performance in the gym drops and your work efficiency goes for a toss.

Let’s focus on being lean, fit and strong.

Let’s work towards aging better.

Let’s get our body ready to be active till we live.

Holistic Health Programs

What coaching with VegFit offers you


Lifelong habits to build a healthier & longer life free from lifestyle diseases


Eating protocols embracing a balanced diet including macro & micro nutrients


Progressive overload strength training to improve muscle strength and bone health


Better sleep and recovery tools for better metabolic and gut health