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I’m Priyanka Gupta, the founder of VegFit, where we coach Founders and Leaders elevate their productivity through a fitter and stronger physique.

While struggling to maintain my fitness In my 30s, I re-structured my fitness regime to being more holistic and sustainable.

Holistic Fitness = Low body fat + strong muscle + stamina + energy

Sustainable = A fitness regime that is well integrated into your lifestyle

At VegFit, we focus on building a lifestyle, rather than just looking at short term goal of losing weight.

And now, it’s my mission to help 100,000 Founders and Leaders adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Online Coaching Programs Focussed for Senior Executived & Leaders

VegFit Personal Training Program

Transform your body into a high-performance powerhouse that burns fat more efficiently.

For ages, people have been eating less to lose weight. That works, but only for a short period, until your metabolism slows down, your performance in the gym drops and your work efficiency goes for a toss.

Let’s focus on being lean, fit and strong.

Let’s work towards aging better.

Let’s get our body ready to be active till we live.

Holistic Health Programs

VegFit coaches help you with


Lifelong habits to build a healthier & longer life free from lifestyle diseases


Eating protocols embracing a balanced diet including macro & micro nutrients


Progressive overload strength training to improve muscle strength and bone health


Better sleep and recovery tools for better metabolic and gut health

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