Entrepreneurship shouldn't cost you health


Elevate your productivity levels with a high-ROI fitness regime designed to fit in your busy schedule

why its imp for you

Chasing metrics, managing investors, addressing team…there is no dull moment in a founder’s life. 

While hustling through so many responsibilities, fitness takes precedence with the thought –


I disagree. Time is not the problem. It’s not having the right system.

As a founder myself, I am in the same boat. The only difference is I have a system to manage my health & fitness.

And I am ready to coach you the same. Explore this slow-paced program that helps you deal with an entrepreneurship roller-coaster while not losing track of your fitness.

Why my system works

We think alike. As an entrepreneur and product person, I am always optimising for ROI. And with my system, you can achieve

Let’s break a few myths to begin with.

Fitness is NOT –

Fitness is – 

How my system will help you achieve this?

But this system won’t work until you realise – Fitness is not a choice, it’s your duty.

If you are aligned with this, take action now!

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About - VegFit founder priyanka

With 16+ years of experience in corporate, building a bootstrap startup and personal life ups and downs, I have managed to level up my fitness year after year and achieved my biggest transformation at the age of 40. 

I committed to my fitness after I closed my 1st startup in 2016, finding myself at the bottom of my fitness levels. I was following diet and exercise but it was in pieces, which led to poor stamina, body pain, muscles loss and fat gain over a period of 4 years. 

I did not like looking at myself and realising that I couldn’t enjoy outdoor activities. I knew, I needed a sustainable way to get out of this yo-yo cycle of being fit and unfit. 

And since then, I never looked back. 

After years of experimenting with myself and observing the fittest of people, I developed methods that fit beautifully with a busy lifestyle.

I would love to be your coach and accountability partner in your fitness journey.

Why should you adopt Intermittent Fasting?

Benefit of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting helps you eat in a calorie deficit by restricting the window of time in which you eat. Fewer calories consumed over time lead to fat loss. But the bigger benefit of fasting is that helps target visceral fat, which is the harmful fat stored around your organs. Reduced visceral fat means reduced risk of health issues.

Important: VegFit recommends a calorie deficit of 200-500 being in the healthy range. Also, a balanced diet is important while intermittent fasting. We strictly discourage crash diets for fast weight loss. 

Having a period of going without food every day, helps regulate blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. During the fasting period, we give our body sufficient time to burn fat for energy and regulate blood glucose levels.

Most of the working professionals complain about low energy levels post meal. This is caused by steep rise and fall in blood sugar levels. Practing Intermittent Fasting over a prolonged period helps regulate blood sugar levels, which means more stable energy levels through the day and reduced feelings of fatigue and lethargy.

Intermittent fasting may stimulate the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that protects existing neurons and promotes the growth of new ones. This is why fasting improves brain cognitive functions which means better focus and mental clarity. This clearly is a long-term benefit of intermittent fasting. 

One of the most imp factors of longevity is effective cellular repair, which means body’s ability to undergo a process called autophagy. During this process, body removes and repairs damaged cells and also creates new ones. This translates into reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

Intermittent fasting may have positive effects on heart health by reducing risk factors such as inflammation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Some studies suggest that intermittent fasting can improve markers of cardiovascular health, including blood lipid profiles and heart rate variability, which are important indicators of overall heart function.

Intermittent fasting derives a balance between Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and leptin (the satiety hormone). This helps reducing hunger pangs and promote the feeling of fullness. Likewise, fasting regulates many such hormones for a better gut function.

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