Enough of 75 Hard Bull****.

How about 75 EASY?

Join A WhatsApp community for the next 75 days, where we guide you to incorporate the tiny bits of healthy habits to not fall off the wagon

Starting on Oct 23, 2023

75 EASY: 2023 Fitness Countdown

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What do you get in the program?

 Bite-size tips from Coaches

 Power Of A Motivated & Alike Community​

✅ Daily Habit Tracker​

✅ Reward For Winners Of Weekly Leaderboard​

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Staying Fit got to be Easy

Year-end is a time to let loose, and enjoy festivals and time with loved ones. But why lose track of your fitness?

How about you can do all that and still not need a detox or weight loss diet post-new year?

We got you! 

How about VegFit coaches remind you to do 1 bite-size thing every day AND

A community that keeps you motivated by sharing challenges and progress.

What To Expect In 75 Days

Practice to be Physically Active

Include low-intensity exercises and NEAT (non-exercise activities) in your regime

Eat A Balanced Diet

Eat high protein, slow carbs foods and reduce sugar and packaged snacks

Practice Fitness Mindset

Learn to being mindful about your habits takes to build long-lasting healthy habits

Improve Sleep Quality

Practice bed-time routine and include healthy food and supplements to improve sleep and productivity

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What Our Clients Have To Say​

“Small habits don't add up, they compound. Tiny Habit >> Remarkable Results” -- James Clear

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the big button below, you will be directed to Razorpay. Make the one-time payment for the duration of the program (75 days) and then you will be redirected to the Whatsapp group link. Continue joining.

You will be part of a Whatsapp community where VegFit coaches will share tiny healthy habits that you have to start developing. Share your progress/challenges with the group. Help and motivate each other in the community.

Don’t worry, the habits will be extremely simple. And if you are not able to follow it for a day, continue from next day.

This 75 days program is a non-refundable program. 

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Which habits you want to develop in the program?

EARLY BIRD OFFER RS.2250 999 (Less Rs.14/Day)